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New stock coming in…

Hi everyone, the shop is going to be closed until everything is upgraded.

With no product drop coming for several weeks the only things that are usually available that will not be available with be Bushings and Bearings.

If you need them badly please send me an email and I will sort something out.



Attention!!!!  Always limited stock.

Due to being a small one man boutique manufacturer I am limited to what I can produce in a given period of time. Wheels often sell out within hours of being released here in the shop. With only around 40 to 50 sets of Quad wheels made each month for sale here in the store stock is always very limited.

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You can also check out my GALLERY showing a small fraction of what I have made for customers and myself over the years.

  • Sale!

    Bont Abec 7 Bearings. Standard 608 bearing suits 8mm axles.

  • Sale!

    Bont Black Series Bearings. Swiss made by Jesa. 608 bearing suits 8mm axles.

  • Bushings, White 80a, Sure-Grip Barrel and Cone Replacements

  • Enforcer, Fluro Pink, 90/1a, 63.50mm by 44mm

  • Enforcer, Fluro Pink, 95/6a, 63.50mm by 42mm Labeda Flat faced lip style.

  • Enforcer, Fluro Pink, 95/6a, 63.50mm by 44mm

  • Enforcers, Black, 92a, 63.50mm by 44mm

  • Enforcers: 63.50 by 38mm, 97/8a, Vita-Man C

  • Narrow Enforcer, Fluro Pink, 95/6a, 64 by 38mm

  • Narrow Enforcers, Fluro Green 98/9a, 63 by 40mm

  • Narrow Enforcers. 59 by 38mm 90a Fluro Pink and Fluro Orange mixed set.

  • Narrow Enforcers. 59 by 38mm 92a Black and Orange Halloween Set