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A new product range…

Skateboard Bushings

These bushings have been in the works for a while and here are the initial offerings for all the skateboarders out there.

These all Australian made Bushings use a super high rebound urethane and it’s keeping the test riders very happy.

Initially available in 85a, 90a and 96a.

With Skateboarding being a completely new market for me I have teamed up with SkaterHQ here in Sydney who will be retailing the Bushings and some Skateboard Wheels that will be launching soon.

Initially these will be branded as Corey Skates Bushings but keep an eye open for the Monkey….. Spew Monkey is coming and his all about Skateboard products.

Purple 85a Barrels and Cones

Blue 90a Barrels and Cones

Red 96a Barrels and Cones

more options and Custom sized bushings coming soon.

Please speak with SkaterHQ about ordering custom sized bushings. Custom bushings will be based on the standard bushing diameter of approx 24.50mm and the standard Kingpin diameter of approx 9.35mm. Different length cones and barrels can be ordered up to 19mm long.

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