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Welcome to Corey Skates, the world’s premium skate wheel company.

Established in 2008 Corey Skates has transformed from a part time hobby into a full time business exporting wheels all over the world. At the beginning of 2021 I officially stopped making custom wheels so I could focus on increased production. Today I do what I call semi-custom production where I hand mix and pour short runs of all the same colour and compound. This means that, over the year, colours and compounds will change to still give customers some variety.

Due to Corey Skates being a small one man operation stock is always limited and stock options change regularly.

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What sets my business and wheels apart, you might be asking yourself?

  • A small one man show taking on the multinationals is one thing.
  • Everything is carefully made by hand using only the best raw ingredients available.
  • All in house manufacturing of urethane products right here in Sydney, Australia. This means hand mixing, hand casting and machining.
  • The custom urethane formulas are really something special, each unique to Corey Skates.
  • Lots of research, development and testing.

My goal was to make wheels that last longer than the rest while still retaining high rebound for superior roll and grip. That goal was achieved way back in 2008 and today I keep making these wheels for skaters all over the world.

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