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A new product range for 2022…

Roller Skate Bushings

I have been making Roller Skate Bushings for years now but just for myself and some friends.

Here are the first Bushings for the general public to enjoy.

These all Australian made Bushings use a super high rebound urethane.

Initially available in 75a, 80a, 85a and 90a.

Fluro/Pink 75a Barrels and Cones

White 80a Barrels and Cones

Purple 85a Barrels and Cones

Blue 90a Barrels and Cones

These bushings are direct replacements for the Sure Grip Barrel and Cone bushings.

More varieties coming later in 2022.

Local stockists are:

SkaterHQ Located here in Sydney, Australia.

Bayside Blades Located in Melbourne, Australia.

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