Bushings, Blue, 92a, Ultimate 3 and 4, Barrel and Cone replacements.


These Aussie made legends will have your skates turning happily again in no time.

Selecting the best compound for yourself is always a little challenging.  It comes down to how much turn or stability you are after. The harder the bushing the less turn you have but what you lose in turn you gain in stability.

92a bushings are suited to skaters who like minimal turn and like a lot of stability.

I weigh in at about 85KG and these are just too hard for me. I suggest these for heavier skaters who just don’t feel comfortable with softer bushings.

Its a tough call and a very personal thing. Selecting the best hardness for you does take some trial and error.


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Direct replacements for Ultimate 3 and 4 plates.

Made here in Sydney, Australia.

Includes 4 barrels and 4 cones.

For the skater who wants little turn or for the skater who is on the heavier side these are what you are looking for.

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