Bushings, Purple, 85a, Sure-Grip Barrel and Cone Replacements


These Aussie made legends will have your skates turning happily again in no time.

It all comes down to how much turn or stability you are after.

These 85a bushings are suited to skaters who like a reasonable amount of turn and want a reasonably high level of stability. Perfect for skaters wanting to focus on Speed but still retail a very good level of turn.

85a is also a very good option for someone learning. You need stability and turn and once you are a little more advanced and comfortable on your skates try some softer options.

Bushing selection is a very personal thing.  For me 85a is a good all round compound. Not too much turn and still very stable. I weigh approx 85KG. Also still very adjustable so I can tighten the truck action a little and notice a huge difference.

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Direct replacements for Sure-Grip’s barrels and cone bushings.

These are made right here in Sydney, Australia.

Includes 4 barrels and 4 cones.

85a is a great all round compound for skaters. Plenty of turn but still relatively stable.

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